We are No Fixed Agency

This started at a time when we thought people could really use some help. But don’t people always need mentorship, advice and networking? Yes. Yes, we do. So, why we’re doing this may have changed, but what we’re doing hasn’t. We’re here to talk.

No Fixed Agency is about connecting people. Those trying to break into the industry, or branch out. And those trying to move up, or move on.

Sure, this whole thing started at NFA, but we invited some friends to join us. Friends from other agencies, cities, countries and even different continents. We’re all opening our virtual office doors to lend our perspective, experience, advice and mentorship.

Take some time to talk with some of the top talent in the industry.

We have some amazing people here at NFA. And with advertising being such a small world, between us, we know almost everyone. And soon, you can too.

What No Fixed Agency is for:

When NOT to reach out: